Montag, 27. Oktober 2008

soundcheck at casino metropolitano

olaf at soundcheck ... just a quick look to the location of the performance

Samstag, 25. Oktober 2008

cafe opera, r-n meets mutek

alain, theo, sarah, olaf ...frank arrived from cafe opera

mexiko city welcomes us, mutek starts

el día de muertos, jesus, color, noise, light, grafitty, mexiko city welcomes us, mutek starts

Donnerstag, 23. Oktober 2008

street in santiago

m100 - matucana xerrox and d.o.a.t.

22.oct second day in santiago, we perform at m100,more than 500 poeple came ...xerrox vol.2, d.o.a.t. and 2 more encores ... alva and beta in the end....

update cd palyer and laptop with firewire 400 & 800!!

...part of the project by artist nicolas floc'h

live at bar constitution


workshop, lunch at barbershop, bar 'constitution' -video work: yohanna ovalle

workshop, lunch at peluqueria francesa- a old barbershop with restaurant...wonderful...and later soundcheck at bar constitution, ...
please check out the video work of yohanna ovalle...

arrived in chile

in chile with a 8 hours delay fora 2 hours careful if u see this logo on a turbine...roberto and andres picked us up...

Montag, 20. Oktober 2008