Donnerstag, 16. Oktober 2008

buenos aires, argentina...

buenoa aires gotham

with my friend sigismund the club 'eros' for lunch

during the talk

after the talk, happy and sad? pablo schanton and carla imbrogno
thanks pablo for moderating the talk...

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Carla hat gesagt…

When I travelled to Argentina, everything was new to me, it seemed to be a very different culture from mine. Then I realized that that was not entirely true. There was this place near the apartment in buenos aires  I got called Manzana de las Luces that reminded me a lot of home. Manzana is an old name for a city block (as well as the Spanish word for "apple"), and the name "las Luces" refers to this area being the intellectual center, or "light," of the city in the 17th and 18th centuries. This land was granted in 1616 to the Jesuits, who built San Ignacio, the city's oldest church, which still stands at the corner of calles Bolívar and Alsina. I loved it!