Montag, 13. Oktober 2008

some more pict and movies form cordoba

cordoba, street

the location of the perfomances, a big discothek, 'big' with an amazing soundsystem plus the additional meyer system... imagine...thanks jorge!!!

workshop day1

alva noto


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( a video of olaf in big center,,,,,)))))

how was the asado in centre de contemporaneo ??, I got lost!!!!!!


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Hi, I´m ceci of córdoba, I did the workshop with you in the cultural center spain córdoba.
Olaf: I have several of movies of you in live, ..If you want give me a link where i could send them,,,,,
I hope that you return to córdoba !! a special fondness for olaf,,,

artifakts hat gesagt…

Olaf and Carsten, thank you both for the great shows, the beautiful interview we did and the records you gave me (oh my god!!!) and, of course, the beer; hope you will come again soon, bye! Martin Bajo

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ahh my email is:,,, kissessss